Mice at Centre Ice

Nelson, 1984

Tori's Happy Journal

Starburst, 2012

Tori's Mixed-Up Journal

Starburst, 2012

Tori's Little Big Journal

Starburst, 2012

Mice in Centre Field

Nelson , 1989

Blue Ice

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2001

I Spy Pivate Eye

Nelson, 1998

Jason's Lucky Day

Scholastic Education, 2007

She was generous in her support of me and other young writers when we were starting out. My family still likes to watch the movie of her classic, Mice at Centre Ice.

Gisela Sherman

Writer / Actor

Estelle’s writing voice wraps you in a warm blanket in a cozy chair in front of the fire.

Sylvia McNicoll

Canadian children's writer

Estelle Salata was my teacher and mentor. Her advice and encouragement set me on the path to realizing my dream of writing for children. For many years I have been one of her greatest fans.

Marilyn Helmer


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