At their summer cottage, Michael tells Tori she is ready to wind surf again. After her close call the year before, she is still afraid. Michael teaches her how to use small steps to attain her goal. Tori meets a new boy Sonny. They go to an amusement park at the town fair. Tori and Sonny climb into a car on the Ferris wheel. When a power outage shuts the park down, Tori performs a daring rescue of a boy in the car below who climbed out of his car and is hanging onto the bar, suspended in air. During a volley ball game on the beach, party crashers appear, set fire to their golf cart and cause mayhem. Tori conquers her fears of wind surfing with Michael as her guide. The bullies who wrecked their party turn up on sailboards and try to crash them in the choppy water. Michael and Tori fight back for their very survival. Publisher: Starburst – Estelle Salata (Jan. 20 2012) ISBN-13: 9780987793058 ASIN: B007VPEAYE Print Length: 102 pages Purchase for Amazon Kindle Purchase for Apple iBook Store Purchase for Kobo Purchase Print edition