Happy Journals are crazy. If I woke up one morning with this perfectly horrible zit on my face, I’d have to write: “I’ve got this beautiful pimple on my chin, but that’s O.K. Everyone knows that zits give a face character.”

Dear Journal: I met Dad’s new ‘friend’ Erika today. She’s beautiful, and wants us to be best buds. Her two kids tagged along too. The boy, Zach, is that cool, arched-eyebrow type who you see on the covers of romance novels. The girl Ashley looks as if she spends mega bucks on make-up, clothes and hair. And Dad told her she could share my bedroom! I think they’re only staying overnight. But when they leave I’ll have Dad all to myself again.

Ever since her parents’ big break-up, Tori went with her Dad to his cottage in the summer. But this time things are going to be different. At least Tori still has sixteen-year-old Michael who lives next door and is teaching her how to wind-surf. Or does she? Ashley moves in and tries to claim Michael for herself. Erika and Dad elope. Tori almost drowns when she takes the surfboard out too far on choppy water. Tori’s Mom arrives for a visit with her boss and his five-year-old son Mudge steps out of the car.


  • Print Length: 81 pages
  • Publisher: Starburst – Estelle Salata (Jan. 20 2012)
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  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B007VQJ59I

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